Ecstatic Vitality & Wellness

This is an effortless state of being that is your birthright.

As you learn your body’s story and what it is trying to tell you

Self Care becomes effortless.

Discover the vitality that awaits you every moment.

Be the inner peace & presence you have yearned for,

Enjoy your body, mind and heart.

Come home to yourself.

Satya at Half Moon Bay

What takes you away? What Distracts you?

There are many paths that lead us home to ourself.  What is your inclination? What feels effortless? There lies the answer.  That is your play and enjoyment. That is your Ecstatic Vitality.

Discover how you can experience your Ecstatic Vitality & Wellness everyday….in the body, mind and heart.

Contact Grace to find out how.

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How We Can Work Together


As a Licensed Holistic Massage Therapist and Health & Wellness Coach since 1984,

I offer individual sessions locally in Boulder and long distance.

Schedule a Conversation to see if we are a good fit. 

After receiving your questionnaire I will contact you within 48 hrs. for the next step.

Contact Grace at 603.651.9642 or

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Freedom from Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Stress

Do you have injuries from yoga, sports, auto accidents or other traumas that are not healing?

And you have tried many modalities?

Do you experience chronic pain, fatigue and/or stress… and not had satisfactory results?

Are you ready for a Reboot? To be out of physical pain, low energy & fatigue?

Grace Massage

 Through Holistic Massage Therapy & Specific Muscle Rehabilitation, I offer you the tools to drop deeply into your body while I choose from my extensive toolbox the most effective doorway for your healing. You will discover the effortlessness of inner connection and alignment for optimal self care, ecstatic wellness and vitality!
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Discover the Ecstatic Vitality and Wellness that is your Birthright!

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