On the Road with Liberty, the Gypsy Van!

imageHappy Independence Day! So fitting that I have set out on my Freedom Journey at this time. Plus my van, Liberty, the Gypsy Van, has officially and appropriately named by my daughter Anjaneya.

My departure from the East is revealing a theme…support and generousity. I have always been so supported in my life. The support didn’t always look like support. It either appeared as a challenge with my finances, intimate relationships, being alone to fend for myself or some other equally painful experience where I felt like everything was being taken away. On the other hand I was in a perpetual state of not having enough. The problem was really on the receiving end. Unconsciously I either didn’t feel deserving and therefore couldn’t fully receive joined with my belief that I wasn’t supported by life, God, spirit…really translated to a lack of faith. How could I receive fully if I didn’t believe in myself and life? My mind resisted and distrusted. How could it be that I had to repeatedly let go of possessions, relationships, behaviors and concepts? Truly I couldn’t be where I am today without that rigorous, compassionate and generous support of life. Plus letting go of all that was in the way of recognizing the truth.

The freedom I am experiencing goes beyond the fact that I am accountable to no one (except myself of course) and am in the space of unknown with an opportunity to create whatever feels right. Those are big in and of themselves. And I  couldn’t have gotten here without years of dedication, commitment to my path and hard work as I faced the many obstacles, falling down and heart wrenching moments that threatened to deter, distract and destroy my happiness, wholeness and peace.

This freedom is about recreating my life as I choose… Where, when and how from the inside out. Absolutely stunning! I walk with no agenda other than with the guidance of my heart, happiness and faith in life. I don’t know what’s next. I do know I feel the vibrancy of life coursing through as I did 25 years ago. I rest, give of myself, receive support, play, take in the magnificence, share with friends, etc when it feels right. I am not doing anything that feels harmful or settling. I am deeply caring for myself both in body, mind and heart.

I don’t know how many times I have gotten the response from people about my journey that goes something like, ” I wish I could do that or come with you.  You are such an inspiration and so courageous.” I am happy to share my journey, process and experiences with you all. I even began to write a program, Freedom Coaching 101: Re-creating Your Life with Grace.

If you have an interest in sharing ways that you express your freedom… Feel free to leave comments. Or if you feel something is in your way… Feel free to contact me at grace@graceventura.com

With blessings for your liberation and happiness,


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  1. Grace, thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to more of your blogs and getting to have some face time
    when you reach Boulder. Will you have some of your bio-energetic-organic-free-range-positively wonderful soup with you? I wanna taste! Safe travels, Steve E.

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