Patience Pays with Grace

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My Yogi Tea Message of the Day… Patience Pays.  The message came at a most apropos time as the “jumping out of my skin” feeling had begun to penetrate my body. I want to find a home. And dive into creating my life.  I have lots of time on my hands. Imagine that… I am actually uncomfortable with having too much time. Well, to clarify, it’s my mind that is uncomfortable. It was much easier to be patient on the road. I felt spaciousness, no urgency. I felt like there was no time. This created a heightened state of awareness and presence. My mind was at ease. It aligned with my heart and felt trust. This is a powerful reminder that the mind creates an illusion of fear and worry. In giving my mind a break, a vacation from time, I rebooted the program… a program that is full of distortions and has taken me out of presence.

I want to be useful in the world. Playing, doing yoga, cycling, exploring, and meeting new people is not enough for me.  I love being in service as well. Don’t get me wrong… I am not complaining about the generosity and grace in life. I figure I am either preparing for a major surge of business or I have done so much that I am now in a grace period… like I built up points!  I like the definition of Grace period… “A length of time during which rules or penalties do not take effect or are withheld.” Yes, I think I have transcended the “norm” of the planetary rules and am living in a grace period. How? By living in accordance and in alignment with my integrity and inner navigation system plus fully receiving with an open heart, body and mind. And not believing the distorted habitual concepts of my mind.

My approach is to live in alignment with my inner truth and do all the things I know to deeply care and take responsibility for myself… plus graciously receive and drink the nectar that life offers. And then life responds accordingly. Sometimes I do things so fast that I end up waiting for life to respond. Why do I move so fast? A few reasons:

1. My mind’s fear motivation and discomfort with not knowing

2. The angel of death reminding me that life can be taken away at any moment

3. And the sheer desire, excitement and enthusiasm.

So I end up with excess time. My natural rhythm is a bit slower than my mental process.  I have to watch my mind as the impatience/fear can hook me and throw me into the old, habitual worry and fear. The yoga, cycling, breathing deep, playing with my grandson and being in nature and my body support me to stay present and in alignment with my natural rhythms. We each have our own particular rhythm that require our support and attention. There are so many external distractions… let alone our mind that certainly is the biggest.

On top of settling into my new life… I am falling/rising in love!  I like the term rising as the feeling is so exhilarating yet the depth of surrender and letting go certainly can feel like I am falling into an abyss.  Totally unexpected, but it happened. And he is on the East Coast. So not only am I in the process of creating my unknown life in Boulder but also am yearning for a man who is living where I just left. Funny right?  I am sure God is laughing her head off!  The thing is if we were in the same town we would never get any work done. So for now we are 2000 miles apart and who knows what will happen? Riding the wave of love is enough at this time no matter what the outcome.

Really…what more could I ask for? I get to reinvent myself in a magnificent place, be with my most adorable grandson and amazing daughter. And be in love with a most wonderful, bright, hot, healthy, handsome, romantic, highly evolved man to boot!

Yes I have been patient while I continually practice faith in life with a huge dollop of surrender and listening to my inner guidance. Sure things could get scary but instead of taking the route of doubt and worry, I stay present and ride the wave. Wow it is working beyond my dreams!

Patience certainly does pay. And so does presence, surrender, gratitude and listening to my body’s inner guidance and wisdom.

What are ways that you come home to your natural rhythms and get present? How do you graciously receive and surrender to life? Wherever you are in the process, I would love to hear from you. We each have unique ways that are in accordance with who we are.  And if you would like any suggestions how to discover yours, let’s talk.

With much love and light on the path of Ecstatic Vitality and Wellness,



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