Re-invent Yourself Now…What Better Time?

imageI have arrived at my chosen destination…Boulder. Oddly, I already miss being on the road with Liberty, the Gypsy van. The movement actually brought me a sense of stability, freedom, awareness and objectivity.

As I sit in my temporary residence for the next couple of weeks,  I begin to create a new life. Imagine being in a place where no one has known you. No history. The only limitation is in your own mind. Isn’t it always?

How would you want to reinvent yourself? What would you look, sound, feel like? What would you be doing in the world? Where would you be? Whom would you be with? What kind of service would you offer? And to whom? Where to begin? From the heart. From what makes you happy, inspired and an abundance of love, light and freedom.

Yesterday I hung out with my daughter and her 25-30 year old friends. I feel so inspired to share with our youth. To share another point of view other than being a victim, to create their lives filled with hope, vision and empowerment. I offer tools to heal the old wounds that are and have formed their identities and setting a limited, painful trajectory in their lives. I share about the importance of bringing in light to the darkness…. To remember and reclaim the sacred. The value and challenge of a delicate balance of the positive and negative forces rather than denial and pretending vs. submerging into the spiraling negativity on this planet.

As I share I witness grief, release, hope, relief and a spacious opening. They catch on so fast. Life is so accelerated right now. So much more evolved than most of us back in the day. They are so ripe and ready to transform the planet. They are the future being formed now. My heart pounds with inspiration.

Liberty and I have arrived and are preparing for the next re-evolution. The Inner Freedom Journey is the trajectory. If you are ready, climb aboard… I’ll take you there!


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  1. That is the most beautiful perception! Thank you so much Grace for sharing that. You have just given me some much needed inspiration. I look forward to your next postings. Thank you for the hope and inspiration you have just passed on to me. I am so happy for you! Xoxo always, chrissy

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