Steps for EXCEPTIONAL Wellness through Living your Truth


Are you heart broken? Depressed? Trying to hold it all together? Overwhelmed?

Sickness comes when you resist or go against the natural flow of your being. There are varying degrees of sickness. Shutting down your heart and truth thus allowing the fear and justifications of the mind to win over the heart, taking on way more then what your physical, emotional and energetic stores can handle or not feeding your cells proper nutrition….all types of starvation or depletion. These are examples of how we negatively alter the natural flow of who we are. One result is a weakened immune system….An inability to fight viruses, bacteria and disease. Our brain is busy elsewhere as it is thrown off by the shutdown of the heart and going against the flow. Bad and good bacteria are always present. The bad bacteria only takes over when the immune system is weakened and not functioning properly. The brain controls the immune system. If the brain has to deal with damage control from shutting down the heart, it’s busy elsewhere. If we don’t get the rest, nutrition, and all of our basic needs met, including emotional, physical and energetic…we get sick. What level of wellness and health do you desire or are willing to accept? How are you going against your flow and why? Do you want to just get by? Are you settling? Or do you want to live with exceptional health? If you are not well I suggest considering in what ways you are going against your own natural rhythms, starving or shutting down any emotional, energetic or physical systems in order to powerfully improve and up level your wellness and health.

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