Your Body’s Story… What is it Trying to Tell You?

Like a painting or a piece of music, our body is a beautiful creation, a work of art that is formed from our history of experiences, the food we have fed it both physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. It is formed of matter. Like a piece of clay. It is uncanny that the way we perceive our body someone else will perceive differently. That being said, what your body is trying to tell you may be seeing through the distorted filters of your thoughts. So how do you know what is true?In general we see our body in terms of what it looks like in a mirror. There is a much deeper experience to be had. Our body is  a clear reflection of our life experience. The pains, pleasures, symptoms and illnesses that are contracted can give tremendous insight and information into our consciousness. Our body’s are vehicles for our consciousness. It behooves us to listen and treat the body with love and respect. Check out my latest video…  Your Body’s Story… What is it Trying to Tell You?

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