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 Re-discover your vitality and wellness in the body, mind and spirit

35 years ago I began my study of the body through Art, Energy work, Massage, Dance, Tai Chi, Nutrition & Yoga.  My personal path has included Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, vision quests, yoga, Intensive Meditation Retreats, & Transformational inner journeys. In addition I have had rigorous study of the body through more traditional schooling including Massage, Applied Kinesiology, Cranio-Sacral, Visceral Manipulation, Specific Muscle Rehabilitation, Certified Health/Wellness Coaching and Yoga. And lastly and most important… I am a Mother of 6 amazing children 21-33!

As a Holistic Massage Therapist, I help with problematic, chronic soft tissue injuries, strains, sprains and physical imbalances that have not been resolved. We will  address the root cause of your chronic pain while supporting the energetic, physical and physiological symptoms. I work with a holistic tool bag and masterful sensitivity and massage techniques, including Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy, Specific Muscle Rehabilitation & Visceral Manipulation. The result of your experience is a transformational healing and alignment.


In addition, as a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, I offer a variety of tools to discover and implement your nutritional, physical, physiological and energetic needs for Ecstatic Vitality & Wellness! Certified as a Holistic Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, I teach a holistic lifestyle in the areas of Nutrition, Diet, Vegetarian Cooking, Raw Foods, Juicing & healing with herbs. I have taught workshops including, “The Final Fat Burner”, Cleanses, Seasonal Cooking and The Four Alignments of Self Care.

 I have taught Self Care & Mother-Daughter Workshops, Yoga, Meditation, Danskinetics, Native American ceremonies, Four Agreements & Transformational power journeys to the Pyramids of Teotihuacán, Mexico. My extensive pilgrimages to India, sacred sites in Mexico & Greece have inspired profound awareness & creativity including an upcoming book, Mother How Can This BeUnanswered Questions as Children but were Too Afraid to Ask. I am the author of Four Alignments of Self Care: The Journey of Aligning Body, Mind & Spirit to Cultivate Excellent Self Care, which inspired several workshops.

Trained in the lineages of Toltec (don Miguel Ruiz – author of The Four Agreements), Native American, Yoga & other Eastern Traditions, I bring a wealth of wisdom as a Master of Awareness & Compassion to transcend habitual patterns that stifle vitality, joy and wellness.

We must let go of the life we had planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us” – Joseph Campbell 

Contact Grace at  grace@graceventura.com


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