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As a Licensed Holistic Massage Therapist and Health & Wellness Coach since 1984,

I offer individual sessions locally in Boulder and long distance.

Schedule a Conversation to see if we are a good fit. 

After receiving your questionnaire I will contact you within 48 hrs. for the next step.

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There are several ways to work with me:

1. Therapeutic Bodywork for specific injuries/sprains/strains from yoga, sports, auto accidents or other traumas. The healing experience you will have will take you deep within for optimal healing and recovery from your injuries.

2. Individual sessions for maintenance and well-being: These sessions are offered in person (for hands on work and Coaching) or long distance (For Health & Wellness Coaching) 

3. Health & Wellness Coaching Packages: 3 or 6 months. Please contact Grace for an initial questionnaire to assess if we are a good fit.

4. For Chronic Pain and Injury: The 3-part Intensive Rehab Program includes:

Initial Diagnostic and Session: During the first session she will assess the injury to determine whether or not her work is recommended.

Healing Intensive: The process is 5-7 days, depending on her findings from the initial session. This includes daily sessions and strict physical activity recommendations and guidance.

Maintenance: Additional sessions over the course of 1-2 months depending on severity. These sessions are normally 1/week – 1/month.

3. The Chronic Pain Reboot Intensive: If you are ready to release your pain and reboot… this program option is a total overhaul of your life… diet, relationships, your beliefs and physical issues. This program is offered as a full weekend or 5 day comprehensive experience during which you will get my daily personal care and tools to:

  • Heal Chronic Pain from old Injuries and Accidents with hands on therapy
  • Discover your Ecstatic Vitality & Wellness through feeding yourself high quality “food” for your body, mind & spirit
  • Practical tools to Know Your Next Steps & Resolve Inner Conflicts
  • Learn & practice Self Care that empowers, integrates & heals Body, Mind & Spirit 

This program is limited to several participants a year. If you are interested please contact me


 For all questions and to schedule an appointment please contact

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