Mother-Daughter Roadmap Online: Strengthen Bonds & Empower Each Other!

The Mother Daughter Roadmap is now online!

For ages 7-100!! It’s not too late 🙂

From the comfort of your home or wherever you are…

This is a fabulous opportunity to share special, creative fun, sacred time with your Mom or Daughter with no interruptions for 21 days!

  • Experience new ways to honor & deeply nurture each other & yourself in mind, body & spirit.

  • Learn to create sacred space & ceremony together that taps into your lineage of what has been & what you can create anew together.

Support each other in being “Conscious Emerging Women”

Who is a Conscious Emerging Woman? And is this what you desire for your daughter & yourself?

“She steps out into the world with Faith & Confidence… from her true heart power and inner wisdom and knows it is okay if she doesn’t feel “on top of her game”. What’s most important is being true to herself. She takes care of herself with love, compassion & inner strength.”

MDR goddessesMDR goddesses

In this program you will:

  • Explore through yoga, movement, self care, nature, ceremony, aromatherapy, delicious healthy food & much more!

  • Connect & explore new ways to interact…Make new family traditions together

  • Evoke curiosity, creativity & imagination through art, nature & movement

  • Learn effective ways to communicate both in writing, talking & listening

  • Build trust & rapport to grow a fabulous relationship as you learn to give each other the space to explore who you are

Where does the time go? Before you know it your little girl is more interested in being with her friends than spending quality time with you…. and then she is off to create her life as an adult.

The MDR Online is a beautiful opportunity to:

  • Experience new & fun ways to honor & deeply nurture the body, mind & spirit

  • Learn to create a sacred space & ceremony to respect yourself inside & out

  • Have special time with your daughter, your Mom…with no interruptions

  • Refresh & revitalize the relationship while growing & learning together

mother daughter bond

The Structure of the Program

Each day in your inbox you will receive a special experience for you to share with each other that can range from a few minutes to hours…depending how much fun you want to have! There is no pressure to complete it that day if you run out of time. The point is to make the time to be together & share something meaningful that deepens your relationship. The MDR has daily specific instructions, props to use, audio & visual guidance with daily videos that you can watch together along with a pdf. These prompts lead to even greater fun, awareness, healing & creativity while strengthening the bonds & empowering each other!

A few example days include:

1. You will create a sacred space that you can mutually care for & respect filled with “special” memento’s. Creating a special place for the 2 of you (even if you don’t live in the same town) will create a powerful intention or focus for how you think and feel with each other. This alone has a tremendous influence on the quality of your exchange.

2. Keep a journal together that you can draw, write, put pictures in, etc; You will get specific writing prompts to do alone and share together that are a joint effort. A couple of examples…Write a poem together about what you want your home to be like or what it feels like to be growing older.

3. Create a Vision Map together. A Vision Map is a collection of pictures, images and affirming words that express your goals, dreams and things that make you happy and feel good. It is a source of inspiration that reminds and helps keep a focus. We have our individual dreams and those we have together. You will talk about the dreams and goals that you desire with each other. From there you may create a theme, specific colors that represent the overall feeling, types of pictures or images you want to play with, etc. The process offers not only fun and inspiration but also a great opportunity to become aware of how you create both individually and together and how to negotiate and cooperate while having fun. For example, are you spontaneous or need everything organized? And if you and your daughter are different in these ways… how do you create harmoniously together?

MDR offers guidance and tips every step of the way!

Ariel & Mom on the sun small

What Others Are Saying

“We have really enjoyed the workshop. So nice to have a space to connect with each other without the disruption of daily distractions. We have both learned about ourselves and each other and taken away some helpful rituals to calm our bodies and minds.”

Susannah, MA

“Tonight’s Mother Daughter Yoga Night was amazing. Burning the old in the blazing fire.. and sparking up newness in relationships and within ourselves!! The gratitude towards each other was fed in words from the heart and with a yummy healthy smoothie… Grace, thank you so much for guiding us through this Roadmap. ”

Love Shankari and Sophia

“Grace’s work has transformed my life to where I live in fullness and complete wholeness. I’m integrating with all parts of myself and in doing this I’ve come to feel much, joy, peace and happiness….Thank-you Gracie!! ”

Carol-Ann Steringa, CEO & Founder of Bully Relief

MDR 1 Fire

Included in this Fabulous Program are BONUSES!!

Receive a Virtual Kit that includes:

  • Guided Audio Meditations and Journeys to listen in the comfort of your sacred space
  • “Forsythia’s Forgotten Dream”… A inspirational & heart-warming story that follows Forsythia on her magical journey to discover who she is while traversing through life lessons. Written by Grace & her daughter Galadriel Sardonicus
  • Roadmap Guidance Tips. Lots of recipes to share for cooking, projects and more!
  • The Four Alignments of Self Care: The Journey to Aligning Heart, Mind and Body through Excellent Self Care…A mini book written by Grace. Included is an online interactive experience with journal and audio meditations
  • Join the MDR Facebook Community page to share experiences, get support, ideas and celebrations! This is a private page where only group members can share.

Total Cost of the Program & Bonuses is $297


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to share this experience with you & your daughter’s friends? I want to make this really easy for all of you so…

Amazing for the entire 21- day experience plus Bonuses just $297 for you & your daughter

Join us today!

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